Your feedback is overwhelming! A sincere thank you to all those who wrote in. Here is a sampling of your comments:

It was a lovefest! The entire Chapin Clan captured my audience from the very start and wove us through a musical event that gave us the width and breadth of "a way of life" - not just a tribute, by an obviously very gifted family. I believe we should have started this show at dawn, because no one wanted to leave, audience or performers. This is what the music business should be all about.

Stephen F. Krempasky, Vice President Theater Operations
Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts
Harrisburg, PA

Dear Chapin Family,

I just want to reiterate what a wonderful evening you offered our audience at Harry Chapin: A Celebration in Song. I say reiterate because I know they communicated their appreciation to you directly through their applause and their comments after the show. They have said it over and over again to us too, through email, by phone and when they see one of us on the street. Whether citing their connection with Harry's music or being drawn into the warmth of your three-generation family, many have told us it was more than entertainment-that they found it very moving. Some have said spiritual.

You are one talented bunch-and the crew loves working with you! There's a combo that's hard to beat. Hope to see you back in our theatre soon.

Alan Liddell, Director
The Theatre at RVCC
Somerville, NJ
Just wanted to shoot a note to thank you for a great Chapin Family show on Sunday 5/23/04 at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg PA. What a great show!!! Your show last nite was a great tribute to Harry & a great presentation of the incredibly talented Chapin Family. Thanks again. D. & R.
Had the opportunity to see the Chapin Family in May at Princeton. Couldn't believe all the "white" hair I saw in the crowd...guess we actually are getting older...but the spirit there was no different than when sitting at the old "Garden State Art Center" lawn singing along with Harry and his band. His family has successfully kept Harry's spirit alive and to see his daughter, Jen, and her cousins on stage was a real tribute to this wonderful family. The memories came swirling back to me and so happy to have been a part of this celebration. N.C.
On Friday, 5/21/04 we got to see the family and friends perform together. What an extraordinary show it was! My wife and I were both so glad we got to see this performance. It was funny, interactive, impromptu, and most of all unforgettable. Father Jim and Tom's daughters brought down the house each time they performed. The songs of Harry, which at times, the audience knew better than Steve and Tom (30,000 lbs of Bananas) made all that attended feel they were part of the experience. Thank You so much for such a wonderful memory! P.L.
I saw this show on Friday evening at McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ, with my sister and my mother. It was AMAZING!! I would have happily paid twice the ticket price and left feeling I had gotten my money's worth. Thank you for the wonderful gift of music. J.L.
What a joy it was to hear all of you tonight in Princeton!!! It was a priceless evening of family, song, music and fun. Please return often so we may bring friends and family with us!!!! L. & S. H.

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